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From the ancient Caravan to the modern logistic transportation, from the ancient stage to the modern warehouse, from the ancient The Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou to the modern superhighways, from the ancient bartering to the modern supply chain management…, the Chinese history sees a sharp development of the world logisrics.

With 20 years of diligent pursuit and hard-working, the South Logistics Group — pioneer of China’s private owned logistic enterprise, saw and promoted the fast development of China’s logistics industry. For 20 years, we always adhering to the enterprise aim of letting the Chinese logistics industry catch up with the world. By being creatice and pragmatic, we lead the Chinese logistics industry.

Here,we sincerely appreciate all our customers who had accompanied us along the way, leading comrades at all levels who had supported us, all our employees who had worked so hard and all the people who had ever helped us.

Looking to the future, we are full of confidence and enthusiasm and looking forward to work with you in our continued success.




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