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Guangzhou-Po logistics base panorama



Guangzhou Logistics Base is located in the A1 and B1 neighborhood, east of Yunpu Industrial Area. With a total investment of RMB180 million, it covers an area of 180 mu, with a building area of 120,000 square meter, including 50,000 square meter of automatic-stereo warehouse and common warehouse,

The Panorama View of Guangzhou Yunpu Logistics Base

8,000 square meter of business building (incl. officebuilding, conference room, multi-media instruction hall, control room of information center), 5,000 square meter of lodging house and staff recreational area.


Real bank



With 14m high and high-level pallets plus steel structure, high-frame automatic stereo warehousecan access to 10,000 goods lots.
Key features:
Standard pallets are applied entirely with 5 sets of automatic buck stackers to fulfill loading unitization. It managed via bar-code system.
Attic-shelves and vertical carrying machine.
Pick management of small articles via electronic labeling system, carriage handled by conveyerbelt.


  Wireless RF scanner


Entry/Exit and In Warehouse Management via WMS, automatic buck stacker/pick system linking to WMS, all data input to South Logistics ERP system.
24 hours video monitoring operation of load/unload and processing to guarantee the efficient and safe production. The automation and high IT-tech makes high efficiency of load/unload, high utilization of space and accuracy management of inventory, which is specially suited to concentrating distribution of multiplefrequency and small lot.

Common warehouse with 10m high is equipped with movable layer pallets and forklifts. It is divided into storage area, sorting area, temporary storage area for shipment and processing area. The warehouse is flexible and computerization.

Business Buildingis the management center of South Logistics in China with up-to-date management and comfortable working environment.
Key features:
Hall and offices with humanized design can cheer up the staff and improve working efficiency.
Information Control Center accessed with 1M optical fibre, broadband comprehensive routing network fulfilling

The office building in Guangzhou Yunpu Logistic Base
digital management, B2B information system, INTERNET based network platform, teal-time monitoring and feedback to countrywide business, digital interface offered to accounts and business partners, EDI and data sharing.

Multifunctional conference rooms for business meeting and communication.
Multimedia electric instruction hall as training center for logistics.
Living Areaprovides nice living environment for staff with dormitory rooms of different classes, recreational rooms, canteen and other facilities.



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