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            Guangdong Top Valley E-Commerce Industrial Park is situated in the center of Eastern Guangzhou——Huangpu Hulin East Road No.1199. Being in the core position of the Pearl River Delta region,Top Valley enjoys a unique advantage.

            The industrial park occupies an area of 522mu,with a total construction area of 800,000m2.Four functional areas have been well planned,namely,E-commerce operations base,E-commerce incubation base,business center and life service center,involving an investment of 2 billion RMB.

            Top Valley plays an important role in the rapid development of the E-commerce business in Huangpu District.It is established as a core industrial park which represents the "National E-commerce Demonstration Base". Positioning as the E-commerce operations base and incubation base in southern China,Top Valley provides services to large and medium E-commerce companies,also it helps to cultivate medium and small sized companies.

            In Top Valley,advanced technology like the Internet of things,cloud computing and 3G are already brought into operation.In the future,advanced automation facilities like robots will also come into service,which will lead the trend of Chinese E-commerce development.About 300 E-commerce companies are expected to move into this industrial park,creating more than 100,000 jobs and an output value of hundreds billion,meanwhile,the development of related industries will surely be promoted.




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